Pinot Grigio Vintage 2020: let’s sum up this harvest.

Pinot Grigio Vintage 2020: let’s sum up this harvest.

In a shocking year like 2020, it is important to collect and value positive events, such as the Pinot Grigio harvest. Let’s see it in detail.

Pinot Grigio 2020 a vintage of quantity or quality?

Once the Pinot Grigio of this vintage 2020 harvest was completed, which took place in the last week of August, the first analyses already provided us with important data. First, the quantity has decreased compared to the 2019 campaign. We are talking about 15% less quantity; a sensitive fact, certainly, but that does not discourage us. The quality and health status of the grapes, in fact, is higher than the previous year. As we deduced at the time of veraison, grapes have an average healthiness that reaches optimal levels, a fact that makes us proud, given the delicacy that distinguishes this particular grape variety. All this was made possible not only by careful management of the vineyard, but also thanks to a climatic trend of favorable rains and temperatures that brought Pinot Grigio to perfect ripeness.

What will the Pinot Grigio Vintage 2020 wine be like?

The grapes tell us. Their excellent ratio of sugars and acids suggests that this vintage’s Pinot Grigio will be very well balanced and with an interesting acidity profile. Bunches not excessively sugary, but rich in freshness, in the glass will tell us again about the trend of this harvest. We can say that the Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie 2020 will teach us that, despite the fact that a year may present insidious difficulties, the earth will not stop giving us its delicious fruits.

Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie Terre Dei Dogi

In our cellar the Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie is included in the Terre Dei Dogi line, dedicated to the excellence of the Venetian territory ( discover the line!). On its label, a detail of the map of Venice is represented in an artistic way, like a mosaic of San Marco Basilica.


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