The Magic of Pinot Grigio: the Veraison phenomenon has started

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We admire the wonderful natural developments of the vine, which never cease to amaze us, this year too. And, as every vintage, Pinot Grigio first reveals us  that the maturation has begun with a very specific signal: the veraison.

pinot grigio grapes

The Veraison

Pinot Grigio is not the only one to present the veraison phenomenon, but it is the first of our grapes to reveal it to us, being the first to be harvested. In fact, veraison is a phenological phase of the grape in which it is preparing for ripening. It is said that from this moment on we should wait about 6 weeks before the harvest. pinot grigio grape The veraison consists in the coloring of the skins, while the berries continue to grow in volume. This moment marks the end of photosynthesis and begins the synthesis of aromas and polyphenols (special natural substances that give the aroma, flavor and color to the grapes and then to the wine). So the berries begin to leave the green color of the chlorophyll to turn towards the characteristic shades of the grape variety, which can be yellow, golden or purple shades, for example in the case of Pinot Grigio. But they are not the only things that change. The sugar content increases in the grape and the acidity begins to decrease until it stops when it is ripe.  

Pinot Grigio Venezia DOC Terre dei Dogi

pinot grigio venezia doc terre dei dogi domus vini Also this year the veraison of Pinot Grigio suggests us what the harvest period will be, which we expect between the third and fourth week of August. From the analyzes made to date, we predict a good yield of harvest, certainly within the limits for the production of Pinot Grigio Venezia DOC, a characteristic denomination of our territory. The juice of our Pinot Grigio grapes will be bottled under the Terre dei Dogi brand, which together with the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Refosco wines, constitutes our selection of Venetian wines dedicated to the denominations of Venezia. Contact us to find out more about Pinot Grigio Venezia DOC or other Venetian wines!

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