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How to protect wine from high temperatures? We must take precautions long before storage.

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Summer is the time of aperitifs and dinners at the restaurant in the company of friends and relatives and it is important that everything is perfect to fully enjoy. As specialists of Ho.Re.Ca. sector, we work carefully to ensure a perfect drinkability of our wines even during the hot season. In fact, high temperatures can present various pitfalls for wines and not only for whites and sparkling wines. The precautions to preserve the quality of the wine are taken well before storage in a restaurant or warehouse.



The transport of Domus Vini wine in Italy is carried out and guaranteed by our fleet of vehicles. We take care of the logistics flow entirely and provide our Italian customers with fast shipments all over the country. Speed is the first weapon against high temperatures. A lean and fast flow avoids prolonged stops which could compromise the quality of the wine. This is why we guarantee that our wine shipments take 24/48 hours from the cellar to the customer’s warehouse.  


armor, medieval armor, defense to heat, protection To respect short delivery times is enought for the transport of wine in Italy, but it is not for international shipments. We speak above all of overseas shipping, which can take up to two months to arrive at the destination port. The solutions are many, with different types and costs and it is important for us to help the customer in choosing. It depends on the length of the journey, the transit areas, the transport if it is by air, truck or sea. Generally, among the most adopted solutions, we find first of all the refrigerated transport. It consists in hiring of vehicles or containers that have refrigeration systems, in order to guarantee a set controlled temperature. The thermal blankets are another way, cheaper, which guarantees a protected environment for our wine boxes. There are thermal blankets for containers which, affixed to the internal walls, act as a protective film against temperature changes. Or, for smaller shipments, smaller blankets are used to cover all the packages of the same pallet.  

Why protect wine.

The Italian rosé wine Bardolino Chiaretto DOP Ca' Delle Rose, Domus Vini Taking protective measures when transporting wine is important for several reasons. If during the shipment the wine undergoes strong thermal stress and its quality is compromised, a refrigerated warehouse or a fridge cannot bring it back to its original taste. The high temperatures negatively affect the particles that make up the organoleptic profile and also jeopardize the stability and longevity of the wine. Of course, we mainly talk about white and rosé wines, as for our Prosecco DOC, Imperiale Millesimato, Cuvée Rosè or Moscato Dolce. These wines have a much more delicate structure than red wines. However, red wine is not free from temperature threats. Especially in the summer, the Cellar and the Customer must take the necessary measures to preserve the quality of the wine, so that its history is not lost on the way, which is first and foremost told by flavors and aromas.  

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