Vino Novello 2020 incoming. Let’s find out its uniqueness

Vino Novello 2020 incoming. Let’s find out its uniqueness

Everyone has already heard of it and just as many have already tasted it. But perhaps it is unknown why the New Wine is unique in its kind.

The birth of Vino Novello

Waiting for the Vino Novello 2020, we must go to France to find its origins. It is in the 1951, in the Beaujolais area, in fact, that some producers have developed a new winemaking technique, the carbonic maceration, to relaunch their wine on the market. This is the case of the Beaujolais nouveau wine, very famous even today which is the parent of all Novello wines, including Italian ones.

The new wine produced with the Carbonic Maceration

The carbonic maceration distinguishes the Vino Novello from all the others one. This technique consists in placing whole bunches of grapes in an airtight container, in which carbon dioxide is added. In the absence of oxygen, an intracellular fermentation process occurs, in which the grape cells transform sugars into alcohol. Unlike traditional fermentation, in this case the cells produce a significant amount of glycerol.
The grapes are not pressed yet, but are left to macerate at a temperature of about 30 ° for a few days. Alcohol extracts color and aromatic substances from the skins, plus a limited amount of tannins. At the end of this phase, the traditional method of vinification follows.

How is the Novello Wine

The Vino Novello is above all a new wine, fresh from the harvest, young in production and seasonal in vocation. In fact, it is preferred to consume it by the end of the year of the same vintage to fully appreciate all its characteristics. It is an easy and drinkable Italian wine, not very tannic and with a lively, bright red color, with purple hues that reveal its young age. The taste is therefore fresh, young, fragrant and vinous.

Tradition in the market

While only Gamay grapes are allowed for the production of Beaujolais nouveau, in Italy the Vino Novello can be produced with 60 different grape varieties. Finally, for these new wines there is a fixed date which establishes the start of marketing. For the new Beaujolais wine it is the third Thursday of November, while for the Italian Novello wine it is 30th October.


Zignolo D’Autunno Vino Novello 2020

As usual every year, the Domus Vini Vino Novello will soon be available: the Zignolo D’Autunno. Produced from Cabernet and Merlot grapes, it inebriates with intense fruity aromas of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and cherry. In the mouth it is young, fresh and fruity. Round-bodied, it has balanced tannins with a pleasant soft finish.



Vino Novello 2020, the Autumn wine

By tradition, seasonality and organoleptic characteristics, the new wine is linked to autumn cuisine. It prefers the fruits that the earth offers in this colourful season, such as roasted chestnuts, mushrooms, artichokes, but also enhances cheese-based dishes, cold cuts and spicy dishes thanks to the pleasant sweetness.


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