Veneto Wine for Mid-August Fest: some suggestions

Veneto Wine for Mid-August Fest: some suggestions

“Ferragosto” 2020, the mid-August festival celebrated in Italy, is approaching and we are preparing to celebrate it, like every year, with good Italian food. In Veneto, it is traditional to celebrate August 15th with a succulent barbecue. However, which wines will we pour into our glasses?

Ferragosto: Veneto style

The Ferragosto barbecue presents various locations and methods, the important thing is to be in company and enjoy good Italian cuisine. Whether it is in the backyard, on the beach, in the mountains or on the shore of a lake, if we prepare for a Venetian-style barbecue, two things will definitely not be missing on August 15th: Meat and Veneto wine.

Veneto Wine: just few suggestions in pairing

On professional or makeshift barbecues, our friends in charge of fire will cook white meats such as chicken and turkey skewers and vegetables, for which we recommend structured white veneto wine such as Chardonnay or rosé wines like Bardolino Chiaretto. With the classic cuts of pork, therefore fatter and tastier meat, we will combine a fresh and sweet wine like Raboso or ask for the tannins of a Refosco to “clean” the mouth; perhaps in a strong blend like the Meridiano Refosco-Pinot Nero. For beef, on the other hand, we will certainly go towards wines that are more complex and even aged ones. Structured red wines provides accompanying important dishes such as rib, fillet or steak strips. It is the turn of a nice Valpolicella Ripasso, oxygenated in a decanter, or a blend of Veronese grapes like our Novecento23.


“There’s always space for a dessert”.

The Ferragosto barbecue is not famous for the quantity of meat served, far from it, but in any case, you cannot give up dessert on such an important occasion. A little refreshment at least, with summer desserts such as red fruit Cheesecake or lemon semifreddo, to be combined with pleasant sparkling Veneto wine. Prosecco in the first place, perhaps Prosecco Asolo DOCG; but also an extra dry vintage like our Imperiale. For the sweet matching, instead, a fresh Moscato.


Grilled fish on August 15th. Why not?

Yes, tradition has it that the Veneto Ferragosto grill is a meat base. Anyway, a fresh fish and elegant white wines are not easy to renounce. Sea bream and sea bass will call the delicacy of Lugana DOC; Tasty fish such as prawns, octopus and squid will require more structured wines such as Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Interesting combinations with aromatic varieties such as Verduzzo and Muller Thurgau.


You will have the spoiled for choice, but it will be a successful barbecue for sure!

Domus Vini wishes everyone a happy Mid-August Fest.

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