Spritz: the Story of the world most famous Italian drink

Spritz: the Story of the world most famous Italian drink

Between history and legend of one of the most famous Italian drinks in the world, from the cocktail tradition to the Spritz in Keykeg and other sparkling curiosities.

Historical origins of the Spritz: Between History and Legend

The history of the famous Italian cocktail can be placed between the 20s and 30s of the last century, but the origins of the Spritz seem to be much older, understood as the custom of lengthening the wine by spraying sparkling water.

It is said that this practice was typical of the soldiers of the Austrian Empire who during the Venetian domination of the 19th century they used to lenghten the Venetian white wine, which they considered too strong, with water. In fact, in German the term “spritzen” means “to spray” and in fact recalls the action of adding water.


Spritz becomes a Cocktail: The 1920s

The Spritz as a cocktail was born between Padua and Venice in the first post-war period, when the liquor houses Barbieri and Pilla invented the Aperol and the Select, two low-alcohol aperitifs. From here the first two versions of this drink were widespread rapidly: the Padua style with Aperol and sparkling white wine (Prosecco) and the Venetian one with Select and still white wine.


Spritz to the conquest of the world

In the 70s the Spritz started climbing to become one of the most famous drinks ever. In 2019 he entered the Olympus of the best-selling cocktails in the world, ranking prepared by Drinks International  and it confirms his presence also for this year in tenth position. The Venetian aperitif thus becomes a celebrity among classic cocktails reaching an ever-growing audience of consumers.


Various styles of consumption

The mixed Spritz presents infinite variations and interpretations. The spirits do change: Aperol, Select, Campari, Cynar, China Martini… The bases do change: Prosecco DOC, sparkling white wine, still white wine… But the way to consume this cocktail go far beyond the style of mixing. In fact, a strong trend in our days is the Spritz ready to drink. More and more supermarkets and retailers are offering bottles of this ready drink.


Spritz Aperitif: Domus Vini

Spritz l'Aperitivo

In Domus Vini we recently launched a new line of wine cocktails, first of all, of course, the Spritz! Discover all the cocktails.
Not only the ready-to-drink aperitif in the bottle, but also Spritz in Keykeg and Polykeg. These aromatized wine-based drinks are particularly suitable to be used in bars, restaurants, clubs, during parties, concerts or other events where the drink ready for consumption simplifies the work of the manager and his collaborators by increasing their productivity. The ready-to-drink cocktail was developed on a proprietary recipe and guarantees a constant quality of the drink.

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