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Domus Vini offre vini spumanti, vasta gamma, ottimi per il consumo estivo, alla spina, in bottiglia, spumanti e frizzanti We all know it. People consume more sparkling wine during the hot season; Do we know why? Here you are, in our opinion, 5 reasons why we look for bubbles in the summer.

1. Temperature

Ambient temperature and serving temperature of sparkling wines is the first pairing by contrast that we taste in summer. Nothing new: the summer is hot, sometimes a lot, for most touristic destinations. We therefore find refreshment in cold drinks to quench our thirst and lower a little our body temperature. If we are at some beach in Italy, for example, we will surely be attracted by a nice bottle of Prosecco to be uncorked under the parasol with friends or, why not, a fresh Italian sparkling wine on tap, sipped at the kiosk counter.

2. Food

Come abbinare i vini spumanti italiani alla dieta estiva Quality sparkling wines are characterized by great versatility in food pairings and they are the best friends of light and fresh dishes. In summer, it is useful to contrast the heat and its side effects also with nutrition; low-fat dishes and condiments, sometimes even salt, usually have a delicate taste. To this we add the other side of the coin: aperitifs on the beach or by the pool, cold packed meals, fingerfoods and ethnic foods. In a storm of hints, flavors and intensity, a dry, sweet or aromatic sparkling wine lightens the ideas of our taste buds.

3. Party

Vini spumanti italiani di qualità per le festività estive Sparkling wine has always been a symbol of celebration and summer is certainly one of theseason that offers several occasions to celebrate. From mid-August fireworks to beach parties, from village festivals to outdoor concerts, holding a glass of bubbles in your hand, the party will certainly be more sparkling!  

4. Cocktail

Cocktail a base di vino della cantina Domus Vini: Spritz, Hugo, American Cocktail What’s better than a nice iced cocktail, sipped on the beach, at the kiosk or in the evening in your favorite club after a day at the beach? Sparkling wines, but also fizzy wines, are among the most used bases for cocktails and aperitifs. Just think about the Spritz, made with the Venetian sparkling wine that has conquered the world: the Prosecco.

5. Uncork and Cheers

Vini spumanti italiani di qualità e vini frizzanti italiani di qualità prodotti con passione in Domus Vini The fifth reason brings with it those unique characteristics that only a bottle of sparkling wine can have. The bang. The special effect of the mushroom cork that shots noisy to unpredictable trajectories, accompanied by a very fine trail of foam. Although it is not so technical, it is the gesture that we cannot give up if we are celebrating a love, a friendship, an anniversary or simply the holidays, our break from routine. The bang blows away the negative vibes and let the sharing play. With a “cheers” or “hurray”, sparkling wines are the best ones for toasts of all kinds and with their often golden and elegant color they bring a wish of luck and happiness.   Choose a wide range of Venetian sparkling wines from our cellar. From the niche of Prosecco Asolo Superiore DOCG and Prosecco Brut to cuvée Millesimato and sweet Moscato. Contact us for more information:

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