Prosecco Frizzante Spago: why winemakers still use the binding?

Prosecco Frizzante Spago: why winemakers still use the binding?

Many times people asked why the winemakers seal the Prosecco fizzy with a string. There is not a technical motivation behind this choice, but “just” an inseparable link with tradition.

Prosecco Frizzante Spago: what is the twine binding?

The binding of the Prosecco Frizzante Spago consists in affixing a string over the cork and fixing it perpendicularly to the neck of the bottle. It is a handmade type of binding and is image of a centuries-old tradition. At the time of the origins of Prosecco fizzy, when fermentation still took place in the bottle, the winemakers used to tie a string to the neck of the bottle. They did it in order to prevent the cork from being pushed out by the pressure.

With the advent of fermentation in the pressured tank and more advanced technologies for the stabilization of sparkling wines in the bottle, the need for twine binding has disappeared. However, this use has not been lost over time. In fact, we see it on the shelves of wine bars and on the tables of restaurants all over the world. We winemakers have kept the tradition of twine binding because it speaks of the origins of Prosecco DOC. It is a symbol of the meticulous care, which follows the chain of this famous Italian wine; from the vine to the packaging that ends precisely with a handmade binding.


Prosecco Spago DOC Ca ‘Delle Rose

In our Ca’ delle Rose fizzy wine collection we have dedicated the place of honor to Prosecco Frizzante Spago. It is produced entirely with carefully selected Glera grapes; This wine has a pale straw yellow color with lively greenish reflections. It has very fragrant semi-aromatic bouquet rich of floral and fresh fruity hints. In mouth it is harmonic with quite soft taste and interesting apple pear aftertaste. Excellent cocktail and aperitif. Perfect match for light dishes, fish and crustaceans.


Secolo Ventunesimo: our Bianco Veneto IGP spago wine.

We also wanted to combine Prosecco Frizzante Spago with an elegant Veneto White wine IGP, named “Secolo Ventunesimo“. This fizzy wine is produced from a cuvée of Chardonnay and Glera grapes. It has pale straw yellow color and lively and intense perlage. The perfume is delicate with particularly elegant floral notes. On the palate, it is decidedly fresh with a very balanced dry finish. Excellent as an aperitif, due to its characteristics of marked gustative freshness it is particularly exalted with fish and shellfish dishes.


Cuvée Rosé Rosato Veneto IGP spago.

It is a cuvée of Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Nero grapes vinified in rosé and we added this wine too to the “Spago” collection. It is the Cuvée Rosé, a cherry pink Rosé Veneto IGP wine with violet hues. Fragrant bouquet and hints of red fruit. Fresh, fine and balanced palate. Versatile wine excellent both as an aperitif and in combination with fish and shellfish first courses.

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