Bag in Box Wine: strengths of the most discussed packaging

Bag in Box Wine: strengths of the most discussed packaging

There is no expert, professional or wine-lover, who has not met a Bag in Box wine yet. This geometric packaging is associated with a low quality product too often and erroneously. There is no reason to think so, then let’s see why.


The safety of Bag in Box packaging

First, what are the quality indices of the Bag in Box wine packaging? Conservation and safety are the strong points of the famous wine in “BIB”.

The bag in box is a container for liquid food, consisting of a food sack of resistant and deformable material, inserted in a rigid container, usually corrugated cardboard. The bag is connected to a valve, usually a tap, which is extracted from the box for emptying. These materials give the “BIB” characteristics that are synonymous with quality:

Protection from oxidation: During bottling, the bag is filled without ever rake in the air. At the time of emptying – which occurs simply by atmospheric pressure – the bag compresses by folding on itself, without letting air bubbles form inside. In this way, the wine in the bag in box is preserved in an optimal way and once opened; it keeps its organoleptic properties unaltered for a long time.

Protection from the outside: The bag is made of a poly-coupled plastic material: metallized polyester with aluminium and polyethylene for food products. These materials protect the wine from light, air and to a reasonable extent from temperature changes.

bag of wine bag for liquid food

Solidity: the box protects the bag from bumps, accidental cuts and crushing.

Space: The characteristic square-shape of the wine in bag in box allows to easily stacking it and it is light in weight in relation to the volume of wine contained. Excellent features for efficient logistics, cheaper transport and storage.

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The multiple uses of Bag in Box Wine

BIB wine is certainly a valid alternative for the daily consumption of wine, as it can contain a larger volume of the bottle and retain the taste for longer. More and more we find Italian wine in bag in box in supermarkets, but they are not the only destination for this product.

Indeed, the sector, both in Italy and abroad, uses this format more and more. The small incision that the packaging has on the final cost, makes the Italian wine in Bag in Box an excellent alternative to kegged wine, or to the wines in magnum bottle (liter, liter and a half, 2 liters…).

More and more professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. they distribute these products in restaurants and bars that want to offer a high quality “house wine”(and not only).

range of bag in box wine by domus vini

Domus Vini wines in Bag in Box

For years now we have also specialized in the production of Veneto wines in bag in box. For the Italian and international market we offer a wide variety of 5-liter and 10-liter bag-in-box wine.

Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay… Do not hesitate to contact us for a complete list!