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Prosecco on tap has gained popularity as a convenient and environmentally friendly way to enjoy this beloved Italian sparkling wine. However, there are certain misconceptions surrounding this serving method. In this article, we will address the question of whether Prosecco can be served on tap, explore the working process of Prosecco on tap, and shed light on the distinction between Prosecco on tap and traditional bottled Prosecco.

Dispelling the Myth: Can Prosecco be Served on Tap?

Contrary to popular belief, Prosecco cannot be served on tap in its pure form. Prosecco is made using the Charmat method, which involves a secondary fermentation in large pressurized tanks, resulting in the creation of bubbles. To maintain the quality and integrity of Prosecco, it is typically bottled under pressure, ensuring the preservation of its carbonation. Therefore, the concept of serving Prosecco directly from a tap, as with beer or other kegged beverages, is not viable. However, there are alternatives available that mimic the experience of Prosecco on tap.

Unveiling the Process: How Does Prosecco on Tap Work?

Prosecco on tap often involves using a keg system that houses a sparkling wine produced using the Charmat method. The keg is pressurized to maintain the carbonation, and the wine is dispensed through a tap system. This method allows for the controlled serving of Prosecco in a convenient and efficient manner. It is important to note that the Prosecco used in these keg systems is specially produced and packaged to maintain its carbonation and quality, ensuring a pleasurable drinking experience for consumers.

Prosecco on Tap vs. Real Prosecco: Understanding the Distinction

While Prosecco on tap offers a novel and convenient way to enjoy sparkling wine, it is crucial to recognize that it is not a direct representation of traditional bottled Prosecco. The Charmat method used for Prosecco on tap may differ from the traditional production process, which involves secondary fermentation in individual bottles. Additionally, Prosecco on tap may undergo certain modifications to suit the keg system, potentially affecting its flavor profile and carbonation levels. Therefore, while Prosecco on tap can provide an enjoyable and efficient serving experience, it is not considered a true representation of the traditional Prosecco in terms of production and preservation methods.


Prosecco on tap offers a convenient and efficient way to serve sparkling wine, although it is important to understand the distinctions from traditional bottled Prosecco. While Prosecco cannot be served in its pure form directly from a tap, alternative methods exist that simulate the experience. These keg systems allow for the controlled dispensing of specially produced Prosecco, ensuring the preservation of its carbonation and quality. So, while Prosecco on tap may not be the same as traditional Prosecco, it provides a unique and enjoyable serving option for those seeking a convenient and environmentally friendly way to enjoy this beloved sparkling wine.

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