Gluhwein 2019

Gluhwein 2019

The Gluhwein is an aromatized wine-based drink whose origin comes from ancient Greece. We find a first testimony in the “De Re Coquinaria” by Apicius which attributes to the Greek tradition the “conditum paradoxum”, a wine heated and flavored with spices and sweetened with honey.

Spread throughout Europe, each country gave different names and recipes to this hot spiced wine, depending on typical and local tastes: in Italy it is called vin brulè, in Anglo-Saxon countries mulled wine, in France vin chaud, in Germany gluhwein and in the Scandinavian countries glogg. Although the preparation is similar wherever the differences are found in the type of spices used, in the addition or not of fresh ginger and nutmeg, how much sugar to use or whether to sweeten with honey.

Also this year we offer our version of Gluhwein ready to heat, in 1 liter bottle and 10 liter bag in box formats.

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