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ADELE Brut Nature sparkling wine Limited Edition

the brand new sparkling wine by Ca’ Delle Rose Limited Edition Adele is the name of the new brut nature sparkling wine by Ca’ delle Rose. The origin of this name, together with its sweet sound, reveals the elegance and refinement of this wine. The special and selected cuvée of Pinot and Chardonnay grapes best […]

World Cocktail Day: Wine cocktail, ready-to-drink, to-go… The 2021 trends

The pandemic has strongly influenced our habits, including our purchasing and consumption ones. The beverage sector precisely that of mixology, has been able to respond with new cocktails and new tasting experiences. Wine cocktail, ready to drink, make at home… There are several market trends established in the last year and that promise to grow […]

What makes the Primitivo wine one of the most exported?

The Primitivo conquers wine-lovers and food & beverage professionals from all over the world, establishing itself as one of the most exported Italian wine in 2020. Now let’s discover in detail its history and its characteristics which are the key to its success. Once upon a time…the Primitivo wine The origins of Primitivo wine are […]

Prosecco Rosé: all the characteristics of the new sparkling

The novelty of the 2020/2021 wine year, the Prosecco Rosé wine, will mark the trend of the sparkling wine market for 2021 and beyond. Let’s look at the new pink bubble in detail to better understand its distinctive characteristics. Grape varieties and disciplinary of Prosecco Rosé DOC The first and substantial difference of Prosecco Rosé […]

Bag in Box Wine: strengths of the most discussed packaging

There is no expert, professional or wine-lover, who has not met a Bag in Box wine yet. This geometric packaging is associated with a low quality product too often and erroneously. There is no reason to think so, then let’s see why. The safety of Bag in Box packaging First, what are the quality indices […]

The varieties of Italian Moscato wine that (perhaps) you do not expect

  Moscato is really on everyone’s mouth, even more so in this period where we are committed to the selection of aromatic sparkling wines to pair with Christmas sweets and New Year fireworks. But do we really know everything about Italian Moscato wines? Italian Moscato wine, a bit of history. We find the first definition […]

5 Reasons why Wine is the Perfect Gift

The festivities of Christmas and New Year are approaching and it is never too early to think about gifts. Doubt often assails us and finding the right gift to give to a relative, friend or colleague becomes a little big problem. The solution is by the cellar. Here are 5 reasons why wine is always […]

Vino Novello 2020 incoming. Let’s find out its uniqueness

Everyone has already heard of it and just as many have already tasted it. But perhaps it is unknown why the New Wine is unique in its kind. The birth of Vino Novello Waiting for the Vino Novello 2020, we must go to France to find its origins. It is in the 1951, in the […]

Ribolla Gialla: the “navigated” wine of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Already famous during the Serenissima Republic of Venice, now even more throughout the world. Ribolla Gialla is a wine with an incredible maritime history, rediscovered and renewed in recent decades. The first traces of Ribolla Gialla wine The first historical sources of Ribolla Gialla wine date back to the Middle Ages. The written records in […]

Pinot Grigio Vintage 2020: let’s sum up this harvest.

In a shocking year like 2020, it is important to collect and value positive events, such as the Pinot Grigio harvest. Let’s see it in detail. Pinot Grigio 2020 a vintage of quantity or quality? Once the Pinot Grigio of this vintage 2020 harvest was completed, which took place in the last week of August, […]

Asolo Prosecco, the Denomination you (maybe) don’t know

Prosecco Asolo is a unique expression of wine, which determines a market niche often associated with high-level products. Let’s discover it. The History of Asolo Prosecco The production area of ​​Asolo Prosecco has ancient oenological roots. Vines and viticulture have been present in the Asolo hills and Montello since the year one thousand thanks to […]

Sparkling wine vs Fizzy wine. What’s the difference?

How to distinguish a Sparkling wine from a Fizzy wine and what are the main differences that a wine expert must know. Sparkling Wine or Fizzy Wine? Matter of Pressure The first difference between sparkling wine and fizzy wine is about pressure and it is sanctioned by the European Regulation. A fizzy wine is defined […]

Veneto Wine for Mid-August Fest: some suggestions

“Ferragosto” 2020, the mid-August festival celebrated in Italy, is approaching and we are preparing to celebrate it, like every year, with good Italian food. In Veneto, it is traditional to celebrate August 15th with a succulent barbecue. However, which wines will we pour into our glasses? Ferragosto: Veneto style The Ferragosto barbecue presents various locations […]

Prosecco Frizzante Spago: why winemakers still use the binding?

Many times people asked why the winemakers seal the Prosecco fizzy with a string. There is not a technical motivation behind this choice, but “just” an inseparable link with tradition. Prosecco Frizzante Spago: what is the twine binding? The binding of the Prosecco Frizzante Spago consists in affixing a string over the cork and fixing […]

The Magic of Pinot Grigio: the Veraison phenomenon has started

We admire the wonderful natural developments of the vine, which never cease to amaze us, this year too. And, as every vintage, Pinot Grigio first reveals us  that the maturation has begun with a very specific signal: the veraison. The Veraison Pinot Grigio is not the only one to present the veraison phenomenon, but it […]

Spritz: the Story of the world most famous Italian drink

Between history and legend of one of the most famous Italian drinks in the world, from the cocktail tradition to the Spritz in Keykeg and other sparkling curiosities. Historical origins of the Spritz: Between History and Legend The history of the famous Italian cocktail can be placed between the 20s and 30s of the last […]

Lugana Garda DOC: We present the ancient white lugana wine of Lake Garda

Today one of the most famous and trendy Italian white wines, the Lugana wine sets its origins on the wonderful coasts of Lake Garda. What makes the Lugana Garda DOC so popular that it is increasingly the nfirst choice for aperitifs and parties for young and expert wine lovers? It is not “just” for its […]

Wine Shipping during Summer: logistic solutions against the heat

How to protect wine from high temperatures? We must take precautions long before storage. Summer is the time of aperitifs and dinners at the restaurant in the company of friends and relatives and it is important that everything is perfect to fully enjoy. As specialists of Ho.Re.Ca. sector, we work carefully to ensure a perfect […]

Sparkling wines: 5 reasons why we prefer them during the Summer

We all know it. People consume more sparkling wine during the hot season; Do we know why? Here you are, in our opinion, 5 reasons why we look for bubbles in the summer. 1. Temperature Ambient temperature and serving temperature of sparkling wines is the first pairing by contrast that we taste in summer. Nothing […]

ITALIAN REPUBLIC DAY 2020: let’s restart from Italian Wine

ITALIAN REPUBLIC DAY 2020: let’s restart from Italian Wine The Italian Republic Day is just around the corner, a very important national day for Italians! In these days more than ever we feel that the Republic Fest of 2nd June will be an opportunity to celebrate unity and brotherhood and to honor the service and […]


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